June 10th, 2010
11:56 PM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 6/10/10

Editor's Note: After Thursday's show feedback was overwhelmingly about the oil disaster. Many wrote in with their suggestions on how to stop the flow of oil into the gulf. Kudos were given to Anderson for ‘digging for the truth and pulling no punches’ as well as for telling the stories of those affected by the catastrophe and his continued effort to hold BP accountable.

Would it be possible for AC360 to cover (in some reasonable) technical detail, BP or our Government’s plan of attack for the Gulf in the event of a hurricane? What are the plans for the well.. The ships.. How long will it go without any level of containment... how long will it take to get things back in place and set up once the storm moves through.... If BP has no Plan what is our governments Plan? American citizens are concerned and would find some sense of comfort in knowing a plan exists.

Anderson Cooper and his team are doing a fantastic job covering the BP spill. They are putting other news shows to shame with their aggressive investigative journalism.

Thanks so much for the diligent coverage re: BP! I am glad you are not giving up! For years I have consistently purchased BP gas, but no more!!! I hope other Americans will join me in the boycott of BP! Americans are not stupid and I hope BP will realize the lack of transparency, and the irresponsibility of their company is only hurting all of us!

It's clear that BP's plan is to deceive the American people about anything having to do with this catastrophic spill. They are just hoping that other world events will eventually take the focus off of them. Please don't abandon the Gulf Coast residents that need this coverage to continue and to hold BP accountable.

I just want to thank you for the exposure you are giving the oil spill crisis. I am not from this area originally but have lived here for 20 years. South LA has some of the best folks I have ever met. Honest, happy and extremely welcoming. I am certain that you and your crew have experienced what I speak of. These are simply good people in a bad situation and I applaud your efforts to tell their stories.

Why are we allowing BP to continue making a farce of everything to do with this disaster? Why don't we just nationalize the company and get rid of this bunch of thugs?

Great job Anderson covering the oil spill. Like always you dig for the truth and pull no punches. Keep up the great work.

Is it possible freeze the well head with liquid nitrogen to slow flow down? Have this already been considered?

B.P cannot honestly say that they don’t know an accurate amount of spewing oil!!! Being an oilfield worker myself, I know that the evaluation tests that must have been done when they had initially penetrated the producing formation, would have told them what kind of well they were looking at here!!! A kick ass well that they have lost the handle on. " remove the flange bolts to remove the upper flange and sting into the riser with a sealing assembly to bullhead cement into it and hold a tone of pressure on top of it while waiting for the cement to cure" flow stopped !!

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