May 20th, 2010
07:51 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 5/20/10

Editor's Note: AC360 viewer feedback was on the oil spill, Kids and Race in America segments and the story of William F. Melchert-Dinkel, the man accused of posing as a woman online to encourage depressed women to commit suicide. You really enjoyed our interview with BP managing director Bob Dudley with most thanking Anderson for trying to get answer from him and not backing down. Read on to see what your fellow AC360° fans had to say.

BP is full of BS. BP is covering up what is really happening, evidenced by the fact they won't let in outside experts to measure how much oil is leaking. BP is a disgrace. If this fiasco doesn't illustrate to all of us how screwed up offshore drilling and the oil industry is, then nothing will.

Anderson, I just watched your interview with the BP exec. I am sure it is in BP's best interest to get this oil release stopped as soon as possible and to efficiently clean up the mess...It is a distraction to have arm chair "experts” releasing opinions based on very limited data.

Kudos to you Anderson for putting BP exec. on hot seat. Nothing has ever disturbed me as much in my 64 yrs. of life as this ‘SPILL’; as they refer to it. They are destroying our planet.

The survey on race is well intentioned but the questions are very disturbing. There is a presumption behind them that may ADD to racial prejudice. Good you are doing this–but please reconsider the process.

With respect to the subject matter of race, I would tell my kids that the human race had originated in Africa with a dark skin tone to survive Africa's hot climate, and intensity of sunshine. Over the course of many thousand years, the human race underwent serious gene mutations which resulted in fair skin. Therefore, we should study all human races from the viewpoint of biology allowing survival for human race in extreme climates.

The report about the man who encouraged people to commit suicide was upsetting enough. Why did you allow the instructions on how to hang yourself be read over the air? You just did what he did but you reached so many others all at once who might be on the edge.

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  1. Sylvana Salomoni - Asuncion, Paraguay

    Impressive interview with BP, but without any straight forward answers. You should keep on pushing and pressuring so that the whole truth will come out.
    Im still affected on how kids respond on the race survey.
    And the man encouraging others to end their lives, what is he thinking? I cannot believe that he will be able to walk out of this..

    May 20, 2010 at 12:17 pm |

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