May 19th, 2010
07:16 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 5/19/10

Editor's Note: Much of your feedback last night was on the oil spill, our doll study and the elections. Read on to see what your fellow AC360° fans had to say.

Regarding the oil disaster, are there any efforts to pump oil from the plume onto tankers? It seems that would at least help some, but I've not seen it mentioned.

The fact that they (BP) are too busy to determine how many barrels a day are leaking into the Gulf...this shouldn't surprise you. They know they are facing litigation and they are going to control that spill/barrels per day message because it will impact the litigation to follow. So 60 days at 5,000 barrels a day = 300,000 barrels. Sixty days at 70,000 barrels a day = 4.2 million barrels. Quite a difference. You don't think these guys know their math?

The interviewer asked "Which is the bad child?" "Which is the good child." Many Christian children are taught "my heart was black with sin until the Savior came in." Goodness is often characterized as white, pure, without sin (therefore the opposite of blackness). So parents will also need to look at their conversations about religion as well as those about race.

I think it is extremely provocative to force children to select an answer to a forced question which will indict themselves regardless of the answer they are forced to choose.

Excellent coverage. Paul Begala is right on, in his analysis. He is so funny! I believe, it was a good night for the President and the Democratic Party. The Pennsylvania win has far reaching implications for the November elections.

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