May 18th, 2010
07:23 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 5/18/10

Editor's Note: Most of your feedback last night was on the oil spill and our kids and race segments. You gave some suggestions on how to stop the oil spill along with asking why the government isn’t doing more to stop the leak. Your reaction to our kids and race segments were also mixed. Some felt the study was “silly and misleading” while others thought it was very interesting and are looking forward to more segments.

I thought I understood BP to say today that they are capturing 1/5 of the oil seeping from the pipe. But they can’t give us an accurate measurement of the amount leaking; so how do they know they are capturing 1/5 of it?

Please keep the pressure up on BP. BP's response and attitude does not seem commensurate with the disaster at hand.

Why in the world is our federal government not taking the problem of stopping the flow of oil away from BP and stopping this horrible disaster immediately? This is an outrage and the fact that they are allowing BP to control this mess while things are getting dire, totally shows their lack of judgment.

Your [kids and race] program should have included the views of evolutionary biologists to analyze these biases. An interesting question is why the biases arise in the first place and whether their direction and frequency has changed over time.

It is hard to break free of the stereotypes and discrimination seen all around us until we have a moment where we start to question what information is being fed to us and if we should eat it. I look forward to tomorrow's segment!

Regarding the story on "how children see skin color" I was surprised that we would entertain, or subject children to a study which clearly conditions a racist response. The child would have no choice but to show partiality either against his/her own race or another! It's a silly and misleading survey.

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