May 14th, 2010
09:54 AM ET

Dear Mr. President #480 "Late night company"

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2010/images/05/14/art.obama.family.jpg caption="Sometimes, Mr. President, the work can wait. Enjoy your family and enjoy your life while you can."]

Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

Reporter's Note: There is a lot of news commanding attention right now, but frankly I’m feeling a bit played out. So here is my daily letter to the White House, and don’t expect much more out of me this week.

Dear Mr. President,

The kids are closing in on the end of the school year, and I think I am as excited about it as they are. The last day of classes is still a few weeks off to be fair, but just the scent of summer is enough to raise my spirits.

I think it can be hard for folks without children to comprehend just how much you feel the workload of your kids, and I guess I don’t really know how it is in your house, but at Chez Foreman let me tell you…when the girls come in the door with a stack of books and assignments that will keep them burning into the night, we’re all aware of it.

Still, I try to find little corners of sanity in the midst of it all, and I hope you do too. For example, last night, one of my daughters came down to the family room quite late after I had finally made it home from the office.

“How’s the school work coming?” I asked.

“O.K.,” she said. “I’m pretty much done. Just working ahead a little in case I get slammed tomorrow.”

“Good plan. Looking forward to graduation?”


That was pretty much our conversation. For no reason that I can explain I had watched the end of a hockey game and then turned on the old French film, The 400 Blows. She sat with me watching it, both of us a bit too weary to chat much. My other daughter and wife were already asleep upstairs. The dog was curled up on the edge of the carpet. We watched the story unfolding of a young French boy dealing with the events of his life, and his school work, while the clock ticked.

I could have and probably should have told her to go to bed because it was late and she stays up too often trying to get her work done. But I didn’t. Instead, we sat and watched, and commented now and then on the characters, and the surprisingly modern tone of the movie considering that it was made all the way back in 1959.

“Like me,” I said. And we both laughed.

It was a teachable moment. Enjoy your family and enjoy your life while you can. Sometimes, the work can wait.



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  1. Lois Palm

    Mr Foreman
    Good Morning Sir and TGIF..I must agree with you in this age of hustle and bustle there seems to be less time to spend with Family so you must take every advantage of it when it does happen..Missed opportunities you can never get back and before you know it your children are grown and living their own lives and it will have you saying where has time gone. I know that's the case with me I find myself missing their recitals, football games, cheerleading competition all the things that at least connected us or brought us together for hours at a time.
    So this is to say thank you for your reminder to stop every now and then and spend some time with our love ones
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

    May 14, 2010 at 10:32 am |
  2. Lilo

    Yes, I Agree!!
    He is a President, a Hasband, a Father, a Human being.
    Equal right to have quality of life with loved family n personaly if it can be wait!
    I see your many good will actions. Thank you very much and take good care of your self and your family 🙂

    May 14, 2010 at 10:23 am |