April 22nd, 2010
06:55 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 4/21/10

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, many of you wrote in to give opinions on the new 'birther' move in Arizona. Many of you also thanked Anderson for “Keeping them honest.” The story of Abbie Dorn, the disabled mother of triplets who is fighting to have visitation rights to see them, received sympathy from some as well. What do you think? Let us know!

Cooper... You do realize that Obama could of had somebody hack into the Hawaii database and add his certificate in there??? There have been many conspiracies from the government in the past. You are basically saying that any information seen on the internet is true. Just because the state verified that the certificate existed doesn't mean they verified that the certificate was indeed not a forgery.

Pres. Obama holds a US Passport, the highest proof of birth and citizenship!!!!!!!

Though I came into the interview halfway through, kudos to Anderson on pressing his guest regarding the "birther movement". As a Canadian observer, and devotee of American politics, the controversy around Prez. Obama's birth place and the validity of his birth certificate is beyond ridiculous. So thank you Anderson for throwing some fairly obvious facts at your far inferior guest (the query as to where past Presidents were born was awesome) and for pressing him on simply pandering to the sadly misinformed electorate. I'm slowly losing faith in this American empire.

Oh Please Anderson, if it is a requirement that all presidential candidates are in fact U.S. citizens, why should it NOT be required that they produce a birth certificate. For goodness sake, you need a birth certificate for a Driver's license and a Passport. Potential Ruler of the Free World should certainly require the same proof. It is YOU who look ridiculous by justifying any argument against this matter. I think it is absolutely absurd that it has not been a requirement.

The mother who can only blink her eyes should definitely be visited by her children. If they're not allowed to visit her, they'll regret it deeply when they get older. The mother/child bond is sacred.

That story about the woman who blinks, that is incredibly horrible. How would that jackass husband of hers like it if the table were turned? Yes, maybe it is a bit of a shocking situation for the young kids, but they are missing their mother, no matter WHAT CONDITION she is in. The longer they are away from her, the quicker they are going to FORGET ABOUT HER, probably what the ex-husband wants...so he can move on with his life,

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