April 15th, 2010
10:19 AM ET

'Men Working' leaves half the world out

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Cynthia Good
Special to CNN

My son Alden called me at work one morning recently. He wanted to know my thoughts about the word "mankind" and whether it's OK to use the term in an essay. So I blurted out, "Not if you don't want to exclude more than half of the human race!"

Only then did I learn I was on the speaker-phone with other students in the principal's office listening. So I asked the boys in the room the question: "Would you feel left out if you were referred to as part of 'womankind?'" The answer was, of course, yes.

With my son's innocent question, memories flooded back of all those times at work as a journalist in the newsroom when the male reporters were sent out on the big stories, but not the women.

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