April 13th, 2010
09:09 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 4/12/10

Editor's Note: You wrote in again with comments about the Russian adoption segment, including suggestions on what can be done in the future. You also had a lot to say about the Confederate History segment with many saying that the Civil War was not about slavery and "Changing history to be politically correct does not serve our nation."


Wouldn’t it make sense to have an "adoption period" for both parties to see if their compatibility is in fact compatible? If that would have been the "law", that child would not have been shoved around the way he was.

Thank you for the moving show about the adoptive parents and the Ranch for Kids in Montana. More people need to know that there are programs like this available to help adopted children and their families. Pricey yes, but ultimately they give a child a chance at a better life.

History doesn't lie! The civil war was not about slavery, but by the grace of God included it. It was about states wanting out of the union. We may see another civil war when states try to get out of Health care reform. The confederate flag has been made a racist flag because of the civil war historian ideology. You can't change the truth.

As you cover Confederate History Month, it does not serve the nation to re-write history. It obviously has not been long enough for our nation to honor those who died on both sides of that terrible war. However, it is historical fact that the war began over what was considered unfair taxation from an industrialized north on an agricultural south. Changing history to be politically correct does not serve our nation. France was supporting the south until a brilliant Pres. Lincoln changed the focus to slavery, something France could not support. Slavery will forever be a black mark on our history, but it was not the igniting factor to the Civil War.

Slavery, although an issue, was NOT the main reason for the War. State's Rights was. I doubt seriously if all the poor boys from Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, et al were fighting for slaves they did not have. Political Correctness is once again getting in the way of history.

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