April 9th, 2010
06:33 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 4/8/10

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360° many of you wrote in with comment s about Haiti and Sex Ed in general in schools. A lot of people thanked Anderson and 360° for staying with the news from Haiti.


Thanks to Sean Penn again. I can't tell him how much I admire him and love him for what he's doing, and for his fearless honesty. Thanks to AC360 for staying on the story.

Mr. Cooper, thank you for all you have done for Haiti. I was born in Haiti, and now a US citizen who served this country for twenty years in the US Army, and now serving as a civilian in Iraq. Although I could not be there, and felt helpless to help my native Haitians, I found comfort when I saw what you and this great country have done for Haiti. While I am abroad helping to keep our country free by supporting our troops overseas, I know the United States of America is always there to lend a hand to the less fortunate ones, and that always makes me proud to be an American. Keep up the good work, Sir, and God bless America.

To use the word "banking CEOs" and "honest" in the same sentence is a paradox. Liars and cheaters are more appropriate choice of words for those crooks.

Teaching sex ed a crime? You've got to be kidding! Children, particularly older children and teens, need to be informed about sex and sexuality in order to make positive choices that are best for them. To be uniformed and manipulated by others, or their own personal urges, places them at risk.

What are the DA thinking ???? So wrong! We need to educate our youth about sex! Come on guys let's them have tools for life they young they need knowledge!

Why is it in American that different states have different guidelines for their education system? In Canada, it’s the same in every province and sex ed is enforced to all which I think is very important... AC you ROCK! Canada loves you!! x

My parents taught me sex was a sin and nothing more. Everything I know, I learned from friends in school (which was always pro sex)- and not the teachers. Not the best way to learn. Having the facts and knowing the options would have been good.

How ridiculous. Sex ed must be taught. The result of ignorance is not bliss in this case

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