April 6th, 2010
08:45 PM ET

Impact Your World: How to help in Haiti

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The devastating earthquake affected 3 million people – one-third of Haiti's population. Considered the most vulnerable are the Haitian children that survived the catastrophe. These organizations have created specific programs to protect these children, meet their medical and nutritious needs and help them recover from the trauma of this disaster.

How you can help:
Child Hope International – Caring for orphans
Friends of the Orphans – Pediatric Care
Jean R. Cadet Restavek Foundation – Helping children in servitude
Kids Alive International – Sheltering orphans
Meds & Food for Kids – Feeding malnourished children
Mercy Corps – Comfort for kids
Save the Children – Child-friendly spaces
UNICEF – Protecting children
World Food Programme – Feeding orphans
World Vision – Child-friendly spaces

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