April 5th, 2010
06:16 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 4/2/10

Editor's Note: After Friday night's AC360°, many of you wrote in to thank Anderson for reporting on allegations of abuse within the Church of Scientology. We also heard from many of you about the doctor who posted a sign telling Obama voters to find other care. What do you think?

Interview with the wives of the Scientology was very good and revealing. Body language of looking at each other but most telling was the words they all used, which were similar about knowing their husband's bodies. Sounds like they were coached. Thanks for great coverage and investigation on this story that helps people understand the damage people in roles of power can do with manipulation of vulnerable people and their beliefs.

Thank you for investigating Scientology. It is long overdue that we expose them for who they really are, not a religion but a cult that robs people are their money and their life. I hope one day they crumble under public opinion and truth revealed in honest journalism. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you!

Your interview with the doctor who turns away Obama supporter was harsh. He is doing the right thing and spreading a good message out.

I think Rep Grayson, Florida should really look into how the health care is affecting doctors not look at hurting them.

Anderson, with respect to the Dr. with the sign on his door telling those who voted for Obama to "go away", I would not trust him to treat any condition I had, even if it was no more than a simple cold.

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