March 31st, 2010
12:53 PM ET

Mass. DA says ‘Enough’ to Phoebe Prince’s tormentors

Phoebe Prince, 15, committed suicide in January in Massachusetts.

Phoebe Prince, 15, committed suicide in January in Massachusetts.

Rosalind Wiseman

Today, Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth D. Scheibel is my hero. In a Northern Massachusetts community where a group of students felt they had the right to harass, stalk, and humiliate Phoebe Prince—a 15 year-old-girl in their school—until she killed herself, and then ridicule Phoebe’s Facebook memorial page after her death, someone with power must say, “enough.” Yesterday, Scheibel did.

Thank goodness.

Scheibel brought charges against nine young people in connection to Phoebe’s death.

Equally important in this situation is Scheibel’s straightforward description of the school personnel’s ineffective response. Without getting into a debate of the school’s responsibility to make its students safe, she lets their inaction speak for itself.


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  1. Canada

    CONGRATULATIONS to District Attorney Elizabeth D. Scheibel

    soneone, her, has finally, finally done something and not listened to the lies of the school staff and school board. It is just standard practice for them to lie and say they had no idea. One family was on Oprah and the mother had been to the school many times and spoke with the Principal, when connected by the producers of the Oprah show, he pretended he didn't even know who the student was!!
    This has got to stop, the students are learning from this.

    March 31, 2010 at 1:17 pm |
  2. jerry

    School officials that knew of this need to be charged with something.
    No action is taken until someone dies. They are covering their asses and thats it. Someone needs to set an example. Who's responsible for the kids while they're in school?

    March 31, 2010 at 1:15 pm |