March 26th, 2010
06:46 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 3/25/10

Editor's Note: Many of you appreciated Anderson's interview with Jamie Oliver last night on childhood obesity. We also received comments about our upcoming investigative series on allegations surrounding the Church of Scientology. And many of you asked for more coverage on the health care reform. What do you think? We want to hear from you.


Thanks for the Jamie Oliver story was a real eye opener about our children...

I enjoyed your segment with Jamie Oliver tonight. I was surprised though that blame is being placed on schools more than parents. If I remember correctly, schools started serving fast food restaurant type food because the kids weren't eating the other healthy stuff,. It was all ending up in the trash bin. My neighbor when I was little had a pig farm out in the country. He hauled truck loads of thrown away food from the local school out to feed his pigs. Kids have to be taught early to eat a wide range of foods. Mom always cooked for us and introduced us to all kinds of food. Now that .she is gone I'm finding out how much effort it takes to prepare all your meals at home.

I'm glad that Jamie Oliver is doing this show about nutrition and kids. You're too young to remember, but we HAD nutritious and balanced meals under the Dept. of Agriculture guidelines in public schools until the program was dismantled under Reagan in the early 80s. I wish that we would posture this as one more thing we lost in the dismantling of the "New Deal" and the legacy of FDR. It would make a great documentary.

I disagree with David Gergen. I think the Democrats should use the hate and violence rhetoric that is coming from the right to benefit their campaigns. For example, Michele Bachmann says she wants "Minnesotans to be armed and dangerous." I don't want my representative perpetuating hatred and violence like that. What does that solve? She should know better. Look at the message that gives our children. I hope her opponents use that against her. They should, so it will stop and we will get a mature elected official who does not perpetuate hatred. Her constituents need to know what she says and how disgusting it is. I hope the opponents of Steven King of Iowa do the same. They need to know the awful things he is saying and doing.

I couldn't be happier about the health care bill passing, only because now the true colors of both parties will be revealed. There are so many lies going on right now that the American public will be mortified and my hope is it will bring a change to this country. I’m embarrassed that these are our elected leaders we put them in office and the world is watching and I believe taking great joy in our stupidity. We are supposed to be the most powerful country in the world and our leaders bicker like high school students. A change needs to happen if not our place in the world will be reduced to spot at the end of the line.

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