March 24th, 2010
08:41 AM ET

Sound Off: Your Comments 3/24/10

Editor's note: You gave your opinion of the health care reform and want more information on what it means for you personally. You asked about premium increases for those with health insurance and what “qualifies as high risk?”
Please explain the High Risk that is mentioned in the health bill. Who qualifies as high risk and when? I have heard those who are considered high risk can get coverage in 6 months. Can you please help with this question?

My grandchildren will now be able to be on their parents insurance; as of now they have no insurance, and both have been very sick. We are poor people so insurance is too high for their family, but now they will be covered until they are 26. Soon I hope. Republicans have never ever looked out for poor people. That is why they have always looked out for the insurance industry and big businesses. BAH BAH to them.

I liked your coverage of the healthcare Reform bill but was surprised that no mention was made of what will be the affect on premiums. Sure, health insurance companies will insure individuals with pre-existing conditions but at what cost? They may increase premiums by 400% for such individuals, thereby making it unaffordable to most. Please address this point. FULL POST

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