March 19th, 2010
07:00 AM ET

Sound Off: Your Comments 3/19/10

Editor's Note: We heard from many of you about the Buckhannon family, a family living in a homeless shelter in Georgia. You also had great comments about health care reform, and are eager to learn how it will effect you if it becomes a law.

I am HIV+ and rely on the Aids Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) to pay for my medications, over $2009 per month. I have tried making sense of the health care reform and how it's going to affect myself and so many others who rely on ADAP.

I was very moved by your piece tonight on life in a homeless shelter and with the story on Stephanie and her three children. I want to help out in some way. Your story really moved us and at times like these we must help our people.

What is health care reform going to cost to the average citizen? Congress doesn't even know. What is with all the pressure on Congress from Obama? It should be put to the people.

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