March 18th, 2010
07:08 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 3/17/10

Editor's Note: Many of you weighed in on health care reform. You told us your thoughts on the current bill. Some say it “will be disastrous for this country if it becomes law” and “this is not democracy–this is a dictatorship.”
Why would our leaders that we elected try to pass a bill that we don’t want? Why not set at a round table and come up with a simple plan that we all understand and agree to.

Why is no one covering the fact that embedded in this monster health care bill there is a "Cannot be repealed" clause?(Page 1000-Section 3403) How can you pass legislation against the will of the majority and on top of that state that it is forever a done deal? This is not democracy–this is a dictatorship.

The Health Care Reform bill will be disastrous for this country if it becomes law. Turning over one sixth of the country's economy to the government will undermine the principles upon which this country was founded and will create a country of serfs and slaves. Any member of Congress who votes in favor of the Health Care reform bill must not be re-elected.

Heath Care: Please Ask the Representatives, how would they like it if I voted "guilty" again one of their families "hoping" that the judge would later reverse the decision? That is what they are doing voting for a bill that is "going to be corrected" later.

Representative Dennis Kucinich said tonight that he is returning all campaign contributions from donors who gave his campaign money on condition that he vote against the health care bill. Someone should ask him to check with a campaign finance lawyer before doing this. A campaign contribution by law cannot be a quid pro quo for any vote, and treating it as a quid pro quo may be illegal. Also, if you do this, please thank Representative Kucinich for me for his responsible, albeit painful, decision.

The Bill would make health care accessible, but the 33-35 million folks would still have to buy it!! Your coverage IMPLIES that as soon as it passes, people will have insurance which is not true. For the sake of fairness, why not stress -this- fact on air??

After 30 years in the insurance business I am convinced that private health policies will never be the answer. Like most Americans I am conservative when it comes to government expansion, yet liberal when it comes to protecting all our rights. I hate to admit it but a single payer system will eventually have to be the answer. Some things are too big for private companies. Flood insurance, hurricane wind pools, earthquake pools, are doing fine as "government run". Interstate highway systems, national defense, and health care all require that giant escrow account known as government.

Isn't it interesting to sit back and watch the republicans cry like little babies when the democrats use the very tactics they invented... I can hardly wait to have healthcare. I'm sick, on the couch with no insurance. TODAY.

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