March 16th, 2010
05:52 PM ET

Journey for Change: Day six in Ghana

Editor's Note: Students from Brooklyn, N.Y. are traveling to Ghana as Global Service Ambassadors as part of a trans-Atlantic youth service and advocacy summit, bringing together African-American youth and Ghanaian child labor trafficking survivors. The project is called Journey for Change: Empowering Youth Through Global Service and is in partnership with the Touch A Life Foundation. The Ambassadors will advocate for the eradication of child slavery when they return and they will visit Capitol Hill and the United Nations as part of their efforts. Read their poetry, writing, and songs from the trip below.

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Bloom like a rose/Early in the morning sun/Act like a lion.
Sydney Smart, 13 years old

You were once a slave/Now you are free in God’s hands/No more suffering.
Jasmine Figueroa, 15 years old

Your wings were tied now/they’re free so spread them and fly/Now you’re free, free, free.
Benjamin Hall, 16 years old

Be thankful for all that you may receive.
Don’t complain no matter what you do.
People go through things you wouldn’t believe.
So just look to God, he’ll see you through.
I am hurt, my siblings had to be brave.
Experiencing most of life as a child slave.
Day and night they worked hard and toiled though stressed.
I’m happy, they’re free and they are blessed.
My eyes have been opened to see such hate.
We cannot let this stand, we must advocate.
This has been a journey of love, strength and will.
To make a change from captivity to Capitol Hill.
Joshua Hall, 16 years old

Fastforward – A song by Latoya Massie, Age 16

Verse 1
Can you hear me?
I have a story to tell
about this thing
that’s paining and aching my heart
and this thing that is going on
on the other side of the world
and I can’t take it
hope that I can break this
so what can I do to stop this
I wish I can just press
fast forward
Because this a bad habit, can you press
fast forward
Cuz this isn’t happening on my time
fast forward and don’t press rewind
Verse 2
There’s poverty in the east and west
Not enough joy and too much stress
sacrifices I made from my own life
Just to be here
and to see that I can do to help you
I came all the way to this place
In West Africa, Ghana, Oh Africa
Oh Africa, oooh, oh, oh, Africa
Verse 3
It isn’t fair
what you put your own children through
cruelty and constant beatings
slaving on the lake
doing all of the work
selling goods
cooking and cleaning
when school should be a priority
as young as 1 or 2
being sold by a parent or guardian
a person that is supposed to treat you right
be your angel and tuck you in at night
Verse 4
Not everyone gives this habit up
and I’m tired and reallysick of it
so very sick of this
these children so young
not even told much of themselves
or even who they are
with less of a mind
raised in a world
where slavery is not treated as a crime
I wish I can just press
fast forward
because this a bad habit, can you press
fast forward
cuz this isn’t happening on my time
fast forward and don’t press rewind

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