March 15th, 2010
07:12 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 3/12/10

Editor's Note: We heard from many of you about Chaz Bono, Pfizer Company, Haiti, and Toyota’s acceleration issues. Some of you thought that the interview with Chaz Bono took too much programming time. Others were thankful for the reporting on Haiti, and the news about the victims there. Drew Griffin’s segment on Pfizer’s health care fraud settlement received thanks and questions about who actually gets the money when corporations get fined. Some of your comments said that Obama needs to “step up for the American people” on the health care bill. A suggestion for Toyota’s now lack of confidence from the consumer is to install OnStar in all their vehicles as that would allow easy access to help, and restore a sense of safety.

If corporations have individual rights as Judge Alito's court says, then are corporations going to be imprisoned for crimes as individuals would be? How about putting Pfizer in jail for life?

I really admire you for all that you've done for my country Haiti. Your reports were so thorough and detailed that I felt like I was there. Your work is priceless and you show that you put your heart into your profession. There is no way possible for me to ever repay. God will truly watch over you, keep you safe, and bless you for years to come. I'm looking forward to one day meeting you in person. On behalf of all Haitians here in the U.S. who had family suffering in the earthquake that recently took place, thank you.

It is so unbelievable how massive the corruption is in the health care insurance and pharmaceutical companies really is. This is why congress and the senate have got to pass this health care bill. But these companies will probably find ways to continue their corruption and the American people will not get the health care they deserve. Nationalized health care is the only answer. We need a public option, but the Democrats are too gutless to just push it through the congress. This is not what I voted for when I voted for Pres. Obama. He needs to step up for the American people.

Those people who are trying to rewrite history are disgraceful. I'm proud of those kids for protesting. Texas should secede. We wouldn't miss them. Then they could live in their own little dream world. And guess what? Reagan was a lousy president!

The solution to Toyota's troubles (other than then obvious) is....ONSTAR This would help restore confidence and make their cars safer because even if the car started to accelerate Onstar could override it and slow the car down like they can for stolen cars on GM cars. Here's the thing....this would totally help Toyota and GM and more importantly the people who drive their cars! If Toyota fails then that many more people will lose their jobs.

Anderson...just watched the piece on Pfizer, my God this is outrageous. I have a 24 yr old son, who is a father of a 4yr. He became addicted to pain pills and then heroin, a mother’s worst nightmare. Rehab pros tell me it’s an epidemic like they've never seen, 17 to 25 yr. The dr's and phar co's are drug dealers. It is shameful at the very least. Please keep this in the spotlight!

Pfizer is going to pay nearly a 2 Billion dollar fine. Who collects that money and where does it go? States and the Feds are supposedly awarded or negotiate big dollar fines, but those same regulatory agencies complain that they don't have the funds to go after the bad guys. How can that be in view of the huge amounts involved?

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  1. sdouglass

    iwould like to know what kind of health coverage the senete and congress have. would any of them be willing to give up their coverage and face the same open market that they are forcing on theAmerican public.

    March 15, 2010 at 2:41 pm |