March 14th, 2010
07:30 AM ET

Dear President Obama #419: Bama Bound!

Reporter's Note: President Obama likes to get back home to Chicago when he can. Me? I am a citizen of the world, beloved wherever I go! Oh wait…that’s not me. Anyway, here’s my letter.

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Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

Dear Mr. President,

I am traveling back down to Alabama today and plenty happy to be doing so! My mother is still there; my brother and sister too, plus a mix of nephews, nieces, in-laws and outlaws connected to the family. I think I’ve told you before that my parents retired down there when I was still in high school, so it is one of the places I call home. I say “one of” because I’ve moved around enough to have several locations on that list: New Orleans, Denver, Rapid City, and DC now too.

Alabama is truly a lovely place, filled with smart, friendly people, excellent food, and beautiful places. We are going there as part of our continuing series on Building Up America; you know, the reports I told you about? Well, in case you’ve forgotten, it’s all about how some people find ways to thrive even in a down economy, and we’ll put reports on all week long.

One of the places we are going to is the Hyundai plant just outside of Montgomery, and I just can’t tell you have excited I am about that. I know, it sounds silly. But I love watching things get made, and when they are also providing jobs to communities that otherwise might struggle, so much the better.

We are also hoping to visit a shipbuilder in Mobile, maybe a candy maker in Birmingham, and with a little luck we’ll swing by my mom’s place for some fried chicken and to see my brother’s newest baby goats. Or maybe we won’t make it to any of those places. One of the things I like about going on the road is the surprises; you know, the people you just happen to meet, or the places you accidentally discover.

One of the things I would hate about being President would be losing that freedom. It’s kind of hard to truly just “accidentally” wander into some great local place you never knew about when you have an advance team, security, advisors, media consultants, and Rahm Emanuel lurking around. “Oh, it’s you, Mr. President! What a surprise! Welcome to Chuck’s House of Meatloaf.”

But as long as you have me out here writing letters, I’ll do what I can to keep you vicariously involved. And if course, as always, operators are standing by for your call.



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  1. Rick

    If you bought a new mercedes and found out it came off a hyundai assembly line would you be upset

    March 14, 2010 at 10:20 pm |