March 9th, 2010
06:48 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 3/8/10

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, many of you wrote in for more information on the health care reform and what it will mean to you. Kudos was heard for Ted Rowlands’ “Keeping them Honest” segment on government overspending.  General comments were made about the gang violence talked about in the Hollenbeck segment.


How is health care supposed to be cheaper if they are going to tax health care?

I came in on the tail end of your segment on health care reform. How can the last guest say Americans are happy with their insurance? My husband came home tonight and informed me my premium is going up another $200 a month. My premium alone will be right at $800 a month, not to mention almost $1,100 deductible plus 20% Our income isn’t increasing and our income is less than $50,000 gross. I am a diabetic and no one else will insure me. So I will have no choice but to cancel current coverage and more than likely discontinue my insulin because my copay with coverage was almost more than I could pay so what will it be without what little it did pay? We desperately need health care reform and the sooner the better.

I would rather you just bring on some very informed independent person to explain the matters thoroughly if you are not willing or able to do it yourselves. We don't need the "two sides" approach all the time, especially when one side is corporate profit and a paid spin artist.

The tents to Haiti are being sold to those who can afford them. I personally wire money to friends and family so they buy one.
I liked the piece tonight on wasteful gov't spending in CA. Regarding the $7000 cubicles, I'm sure with very little research they (or CNN) could find the same setup for $700. If they want I'll do the research for $1,000. Just kidding…I don't work for the gov't...I'll do it for $100.

It's hard to believe that reprisal against witnesses who snitch is all that rare when most of the time the drive by shootings we hear about are acts of retaliation. The gang members are always killing innocent people when trying to get vengeance on those who wronged them, so it's hard to believe they seldom actually kill people who did "snitch" on them. Anyway, if Bueno's son had to die, I think it was good that he went in his father's arms. So often, you're haunted wondering what your loved one's last moments were like, what they thought about. While it can hardly be a "comfort" to have your child die in your arms, it's better than having their last moments be away from you or with strangers, with you thinking they may have wanted you in the end or called your name.

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