March 3rd, 2010
06:31 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 3/2/10

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, we heard from many of you about Sen. Jim Bunning. We also continued to hear from many of you about animals in captivity. What did you think of the program?


I'm so tired of all of this hoopla over the unemployment situation. I just heard comments on AC 360 that some people in Washington think people don't want to work. Well let me just say....being a single Mom of two kids....I lost my corporate job after 14 years of service and have been unemployed for 13 months. I am killing myself trying to find work and there's not much to find. And by the way – I specialize in employment and HR so I know how to find work. There is just no work to find, not easily anyway. I'd give anything to go back to work as while unemployment helps out, it certainly doesn't pay the bills. People should refrain from making generalizations unless they have walked in our shoes. I never thought I'd be out of work this long. It's disheartening to say the least.

So, we're to believe someone who has been working for SeaWorld for 32 years as though HE had no skin in the game? Why do they always leap to the conclusion that those of us who recognize the cruelty involved want the whales released in the ocean? I know they can't be. That is PART of what is wrong with what they're doing! Don't you get it? They have destroyed what the whales really ARE. Research? Education? There is so little left of the natural animal it can't be a valuable source of information. They're like trained seals.

How in the hey, did the story about the death of a trainer turn into a discussion about whether the whales are happy? Sea World is going to keep their whales. Children are going to keep their goldfish. That will never change. What needs to change is the protocol for keeping trainers safe from Deadly animal that have a track record from killing.

I am really glad that the unemployment benefits bill got passed, but 30 days is not much, not when it takes a couple of month's to get it. We have no jobs in this area. That man you have on named Eric made me so mad I wanted to jump through the TV set. Saying that people don't want to work....what a jerk! Obviously he has led a privileged life. Please don't have him on again.

In a segment this evening about analyzing the political ramifications of Bunning's actions, a commentator suggested that unemployment fraud was common, people were on paid vacation and that "people could find other ways to get the money." As one of the unemployed, I am rather angry about that statement. I am a Ph.D. presently looking for work in graphic design and public relations. I've taught college in the past, an industry also affected. I send out dozens of applications weekly, not the two required.

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