February 23rd, 2010
06:14 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 2/22/10

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, many of you wrote in to discuss the school situation in Rhode Island's lowest-performing schools. Many of you had mixed opinions on who's to blame and all of you asked that Anderson follow up on the story.


I agree w/ letting go of teachers if a school's failing bad. If we don't hold the teachers accountable who should we? Aren't they supposed to figure out how their children learn best. Every child does not learn the same it's up to the teachers to find what's the best way to teach the children in their class. I'm tired of the excuses, children in other countries are ahead of us & they're living in poverty most of them; I'm from one of those poverty countries. We need to start holding the teachers accountable, that's the only way they'll be able to get out of the laziness that's going on w/ teaching in America. Not only that but we're probably the only country that passes a child to the next grade even if the child failed. What is that? & we're wondering why our country's children are not learning anything, our children can't even do the simplest math problems, it's really ridiculous. WAY TO GO to that super attendant, it's about time someone took a stand for our children's education!

Hi Anderson, I am a big fan. I was however, very disappointed in tonight's show. There is so much going on ...A major ongoing offensive in Afghanistan – where NATO bombed the civilians – and a major jobs bill passed by the congress...and you devoted bulk of the program today to Cheney's heart condition (which is frankly ok). Very disappointing...I really thought you were the breath of fresh air in the mad world of cable news. Was I wrong?

Fire the teachers. Who is going to fire the parents? They are the ones that have been the kids’ teachers from the day they were born. All this crap about blaming the teachers. The parents need to look themselves in the mirror. Hold teachers accountable? Those teachers get paid 70K? I am a teacher, 20 years in education and I only get paid 45K. Get a grip.

I have known a lot of teachers, a lot of faculty, a lot of schools. There is something missing in that story. Find out what it is. And remember- students have parents, too- only some of them don't. I cannot imagine an entire faculty walking out, nor can I imagine an entire faculty being fired. I will be watching. Thanks.

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