February 17th, 2010
10:45 AM ET

Why Taliban capture could be huge

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2010/images/02/17/afghanistan_taliban.jpg caption="Capture of Taliban commander could disrupt the group's operations, says Brian Fishman."]

Brian Fishman
Special to CNN

The capture of the Afghan Taliban's operational commander, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, in the Pakistani city of Karachi is a signature success for the United States' effort in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but it does not indicate that the insurgent movement will collapse.

In the short run, local Taliban commanders will be able to maintain the movement's operational effectiveness against U.S. and NATO troops. Over the long term, however, increased collaboration between American and Pakistani intelligence agencies could prove debilitating for the movement.

U.S. and Pakistani officials likely hope the collaboration will force the Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table.

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  1. Tim Gibson

    To dream that there can be negotiating with a radical organization and belief system. Just as you cannot expect to turn a tiger into a house pet and live to tell about it, it will never happen.

    February 17, 2010 at 10:48 am |