February 16th, 2010
07:38 PM ET

Evening Buzz: Is Congress Broken?

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Cate Vojdik
AC360° Writer

Tonight we’re putting what some are calling the Broken Congress under the microscope. New CNN polling shows just one-third of people surveyed say most members of Congress deserve another term. Translation: Americans want some heads to roll on Capitol Hill. On the other hand, 51 percent of those surveyed also think their own lawmakers should be re-elected. However contradictory those responses may be, one thing is certain: A lot of people are fed up with lawmakers in Washington and the gridlock that seems to have paralyzed progress. Is the level of anger we’re seeing unprecedented? What specifically is fueling it? And what does it mean for the midterm elections? We’re digging deeper.

We’re also continuing our look at Republicans under fire from their fellow Republicans–for not being Republican enough. The tea partiers are a driving force behind this backlash. Tonight we’ll hear from Texas Representative Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul. Rand is running for the Republican nomination to replace the retiring Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning. But he’s also running against the GOP establishment, as a conservative and a tea party activist. Anderson interviews the father-son duo for their take on where Congress is headed and where the tea partiers fit in.

We also have a powerful report from Gary Tuchman about a ranch for troubled adopted children. All of these kids were adopted internationally. Now they are out of control, often violent and disruptive. One boy who Gary profiles has threatened to kill his adoptive family. They haven’t given up on their son, who was born in Belarus. They hope the ranch in Montana is the answer to turning his life around and taming his rage.

See you at 10 p.m. eastern.

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