February 15th, 2010
07:00 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 2/12/2010

Editor's Note: Many of you continue to thank Anderson and CNN for going back to Haiti, and for the "compassion and dedication" in reporting the story.


Thank you for keeping the focus on the Haiti situation.

I want to thank Anderson Cooper for the amazing coverage that he has done for the horrific crisis in Haiti! I am a Pastor from Arkansas; I was able to get into Haiti on January 28 with a medical team from my Church. It was almost overwhelming at times, but my faith kept me strong. Anderson's coverage of Haiti helped to prepare me for what was to come. I can't thank him enough for his compassion and dedication in making us all aware of how critical it is. I have the privilege to take another team down on March 1-My heart is still there, so I am anxiously waiting to see my friends in Haiti.

It is so rare to see prominent media people doing something because it's the right thing to do, in spite of the ratings. The Haiti story is long past it's half-life by the normal measure of audience attention span. Anderson, Sanjay, Sean Penn, you guys are setting an example that is being noticed. Karl, what a remarkable job you're doing. As Sean Penn observed, there was no excuse for our indifference to our neighbor before the earthquake, now, the entire CNN team is forcing us to recognize this tragedy as an opportunity for the richest and most self-indulgent nation on earth, to redeem itself by staying the course and helping these remarkable people survive, and ultimately thrive. Perhaps, thanks in part to your work; America is rediscovering the satisfaction which may be found in selflessness.

I just saw your show tonight. I am a writer. English is not my mother language, but as I was listening to you it was like I was listening to the voice of my people... You made it well... I am no one I know but I found Haiti in your voice, I found Haiti in your pictures, I see compassion in your eyes... and for that, even if some people can say it's your job, because I see you were doing more than that... I say thank you, to you and to all of your team. Thanks for our country. Thanks for your kindness.

Thank you AC360 and CNN for staying with the story of Haiti and the people of Haiti. You are doing something that seems so rare in most news media today – providing an in-depth look at a problem and possible solutions. And your genuine compassion is evident.

Thank you that you are still in Haiti & bringing an update of each day. My heartbreak is as strong now as it was a month ago & my heart goes out to the people of Haiti & their broken country.

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