January 27th, 2010
06:16 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 1/26/10

Editor's Note: We continued to receive thanks about our coverage of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. Many of you want us to continue to report on the potential of child-trafficking. We also got some positive feedback for our reporting on the spending of some stimulus money.

Thanks for reporting on the orphan situation in Haiti! It is vital that children remain with family if at all possible and then have adoption considered. Trafficking of children is such a real danger at this time in Haiti and we all need to be mindful and helpful in any way we can to prevent it. I extend my thanks to you for keeping on top of the issue of children.

I am quite impressed with your coverage of the events in Hiati. It is very admirable what you do every day. More important, I admire the humanistic way in which you have covered this story. Thank you!

We thank you for the great job you and Dr Gupta are doing in Haiti. You are in our hearts and we pray daily for your safety. God bless!

I have just been watching Anderson Cooper expressing outrage regarding the failure of the Haitian government to bury the dead or at least to throw some dirt on them. I admire Mr. Cooper and realize that most people probably agree with him, but it makes no sense to me. Given the lack of help to search for those who are buried alive and to care for the injured, I would consider it outrageous that manpower would be diverted to deal with dead bodies. They are DEAD and are going to decay no matter how much or little dirt covers the bodies. After I die, there will be no ME to know or care what happens to my remains.

Even though, I do not agree with how the Haitians are disposing of the bodies. I believe the bigger picture is being missed such as those who are surviving and are without the necessities. Such as food, shelter, medicine. Whether or not a body is identified or buried in a mass grave is of little importance when they are trying to prevent the spread of disease that those bodies represent in a already fragile environment.

Thank you (and your team) so much for the ongoing, incredible coverage of Haiti. Anderson, Sanjay, Ivan and Tuchman have been incredible in keeping the world's attention focused on the infinite number of tragic (and occasionally) hopeful ways this story has unfolded. And thank you for showing the dignity and courage of the Haitian people. It's not often that I weep spontaneously during newscasts, but I have multiple times over the last two weeks.

Anderson, a heartfelt thank you to you and the entire AC 360 team for providing unparalleled coverage of both the devastation and the incredibly inspiring stories in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. Not only have you provided superb coverage, you've also provided an invaluable service to the Haitian diaspora in helping them locate their loved ones. Kudos to you all!

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