January 27th, 2010
10:03 AM ET

Morning Buzz: Obama’s first SOTU

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Eliza Browning
AC360° Associate Producer

President Obama delivers his first State of the Union (SOTU) Address tonight. It is the 221st annual presidential message in the nation’s history.

His chief political adviser says the president will focus on job creation, the economy and fiscal responsibility. He’s proposing to save $250 billion by freezing in non-security discretionary funding for three years. He’s also expected to announce he’s freezing the salaries of top White House officials as well as other political appointees in his administration, but he will also announce an increase of up to $4 billion in federal education spending. How do you feel about these moves? What else would you like to hear from the President?

Don’t miss our full coverage of the speech. Join the live blog on our site starting at 9 p.m. ET where you can sound off about the President’s remarks. We’ll keep it up for the GOP response delivered by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, which will take place immediately after the President is finished. The live blog will remain up during our own analysis as well. We have a panel of experts lined up to weigh in on the President’s address. Don’t miss the best political team on television react to the first SOTU.

It seems fitting that jobs and deficits are going to be big themes of the President’s speech because he got some bad numbers on both topics from the Congressional Budget Office yesterday. Over the next 10 years spending is expected to outpace revenues and the debt will soon be two-thirds the size of the overall economy. So how does the Obama Administration plan to deal with this so-called “bleak” outlook?

And Anderson is on the ground in Haiti where he will update us on the latest developments in the earthquake-ravaged nation. Tension continues at emergency food handout centers and thousands of children need care. Reports from the U.S. Geological Survey warn that people in Haiti should expect tremors for the next month, and aid organizations indicate that rebuilding the country will take at least a decade. Anderson will report on how Haitians are trying to begin the process of rebuilding their country.

What else are you following today? Let us know and see you at 10 p.m. ET!

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  1. Jeanette

    Surprise, surprise......all of a sudden Obama is worried about our jobs. Couldn't have something to do with Mass. elections could it?

    Where has he been the last year while people were crying for jobs and all he could do was try to pass a secretive and lengthy healthcare that would be his legacy for his first year.
    I hope everyone votes neither dem or rep on our next election. We need new and honest politicians that will look out for the American people. Everyone is afraid to vote other than the two parties but its something we need to do to clean up our politicians..

    January 27, 2010 at 12:50 pm |
  2. Lori Boyle

    I'm getting really tired of all the commentators blaming Obama for everything that's gone wrong. How much can a President really do on his own w/o Congress? I'm not surprised that the Reps refuse to vote for anything the Dems propose. I keep hearing sound bites from Reps that they had plans but no one was interested. I haven't seen any media including CNN ask the Reps what those plans are. The Dems in Congress are apparently only interested in getting re-elected. They've been stapping Obama in the back since day 1. I hope all the congress members up for re-election who didn't back Obama lose their upcoming elections. I certainly intend not to vote for Snowe & Collins the next time they are up for re-election.

    January 27, 2010 at 12:12 pm |
  3. Michelle D. Fonthill .Ont

    Good morning Eliza and 360 team

    Pres Obama agenda has never really been clearly defined .The ideas of "change" that he wanted to bring could never get any where due to the massive defcit left by the Bush Administration .The wasted tax dollars being spent on stimulus money for construction projects,jobs creation hasn't been improving .Even with the freezed salaries with top execs and white house officals i hav e to see before i beleive that there will be change ahead .

    @Eliza Anderson has been doing a great job reporting on the deveastion in Haiti his caring and compassion for the Haitian people has been very moving . When is Anderson coming home ?

    Thanks for the buzz
    Michelle D.

    January 27, 2010 at 10:46 am |
  4. Tim Gibson

    I will be waiting to hear more than broken promises from our President. It is shake and bake time in Washington.

    January 27, 2010 at 10:38 am |
  5. Cindy

    I'm sure the SOTU will be the same old dribble that Obama has said before yet didn't come through on. He does after all need to suck up since he is losing people's confidence.

    Is 360 at 10 or 11? On TVNewser they said it'll be at 11 so I am just checking.


    January 27, 2010 at 10:14 am |