January 24th, 2010
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Video: Haiti's history

Christiane Amanpour | BIO
CNN Chief International Correspondent
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January 24th, 2010
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Video: Petit paradise lost

Ivan Watson | BIO
CNN Correspondent

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January 24th, 2010
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Video: Weighing Haiti health risks

Dr. Sanjay Gupta | BIO
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January 24th, 2010
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Dear President Obama #370: Being on ... and off ... the field

Reporter's Note: President Obama likes sports, and so do I. He also reads letters. And I write them…every day to the White House. Even when the Saints are playing, and that is saying something.

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Tom Foreman | BIO
AC360° Correspondent

Dear Mr. President,

You know of course what today is, and as you might expect we’re all pretty crazy at our house. Yes, the Saints are going at it for the conference championship, and maybe, maybe, maybe a trip to the Super Bowl. (btw, Word just tried to make me change Super Bowl to Superb Owl…ha!)

All my old New Orleans pals and I have been playing amateur sports analysts all week (is there any other kind?) trying to handicap the Saints against the Vikings. We’ve been talking about the run versus the pass, the defensive strengths and offensive weaknesses, and of course Brees versus Favre. It’s really been kind of comical; as if we expect at some point in the middle of the game the coaches are going to call for our advice.

Having helped my daughters’ soccer teams a bit, I have learned this about the coaching business: Whatever we think as fans in the stands, it is a whole different ball game when you are on the field. At home, we can take a leisurely stroll to the kitchen for nachos between plays, while spouting off about what we would do if we were the coaches. But on the sideline, everything is happening at lightning speed. Decisions have to be made right now, under pressure, with everything on the line, and that is nothing at all like the experience of any spectator.