January 22nd, 2010
05:38 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 1/21/10

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, we received many thanks for the continued coverage from Haiti. Many of you asked us to report on why it’s taking so long to get supplies, especially medical supplies, from the airport to where they are needed. What do you think? Let us know.

Thanks for being in Haiti. Your reporting is saving lives and helping families reunite. i was watching fox until the earthquake and realized how selfish they really are and what they really care about little coverage on Haiti spoke real loud to me. Thanks ac

If the airport in Haiti is the bottleneck for much needed medical supplies isn't about time you take a crew an expose the reasons for the bottleneck? If what's left of the Haitian government is hoarding the massive inflows of medical aid, we should know about it. If it is the US military that's the problem I think it's time to expose them and name names and kick butt. Typically in these kinds of emergencies, the military couldn't organize a 1-car funeral procession. (Think Katrina)

Dear Anderson, Thank you for posting the link to National Nurses United. I am one of the thousands of nurses on their volunteer list. Unfortunately the last update I received stated we were being blocked by the government. If you have other avenues to send people, I would love to come help. Praying for everyone there

Anderson, you and the entire CNN team are the BEST! Your comprehensive coverage of the Haiti earthquake has helped bring attention and much needed help to these long-suffering people. I watch your program nightly, sometimes crying, sometimes hopeful, and always grateful for your dedicated coverage. Thank you and your team for ALL you do!!

As a Haitian-American, I have no words to describe the work of the AC360 Anchor. Thank you so much Anderson for what you have done so far for my native country. In the meantime could you advocate for the Haitian-American Kids living in the streets of Port-au-Prince after losing their houses by the Powerful earthquake that wiped out almost everything in the Haitian’s capital.

I just want to convey my appreciation for AC for the compassion that he shows when reporting about the situation in Haiti. I thank you ever so much, Anderson. You are simply phenomenal.

Mr. Cooper, Thank you for being such a good reporter. I pray for these wonderful people to be healed of their suffering. I don't believe for one minute that there is no way to get these people what they need. Dr. Gupta (God bless you sir) walked right in and received some help, why can’t they walk around and make a list of what each Dr. needs and bring it back to them? The military needs to be more inventive.

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