January 15th, 2010
05:42 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 1/14

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, many of you sent in thanks for the compassionate reporting being done in Haiti. Many were appreciative that we've been trying to show “the human side” of the tragedy. Viewers have been sending in requests throughout the day for someone to check on or find family and friends they have not heard from.


This is by far the best news coverage of “the Haiti earthquake". Your report is accurate sensitive and very responsible. I command you on all your effort and dedication. You are what a journalist must be. Thank you

This is the most riveting and emotional coverage I’ve seen of any event since Katrina or 9/11. Your professional and compassionate reporting has shown the human side of this tragedy

Keep up the good work reporting from Haiti. You show us all the death and destruction, but take a few minutes to explain how you and your team arrived there so fast and where you sleep, eat and refresh.

Drop food, water, and medical supplies from the giant transport planes you have parked in Puerto Rico. You keep sending more people that can't go anywhere because of the roads. You guys must not watch WW2 content on the History Channel. Get these poor people something to eat and drink. Use parachutes to drop the food. What are you thinking??

Thank you for showing the cruel reality of Haiti. This is a wakeup call for the whole world. We must support poor countries; it's our duty as human beings. You and the rest of the crew from CNN have my admiration, respect and you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God keep you safe, so you can continue this good work? Seen the pain and suffering of others is the only way to help make a change. If anything good can come out of this horrible tragedy, it will be awareness. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being brave.

All of the world is watching CNN for the only real coverage of this heartbreaking situation. WHY don't they AIR DROP water and food to eat right away (NOT bags of rice but food ready to eat)?

I am very impressed with CNN's coverage of the Earthquake in Haiti. Anderson Cooper as well as the other correspondents are doing an excellent job in a difficult situation. Compassionate reporting!

Your coverage of Haiti is phenomenal. Please provide more details relative to how many other countries are providing assistance and in what form. I was shocked to hear that Iceland search and rescue is there helping. As an American, I sometimes feel like we bear the burden of providing the majority of help in these situations. That may be because we just don't know how many other countries are involved. Thank you for the job you do.

Anderson, I was watching your reporting from Haiti today with my mother. You were showing the pile of human bodies, and Sanjay was standing in front of a hospital as they were carrying bodies out. My mother said to herself, somewhat horrified, "I can't believe they're showing the bodies on television." I said to her, "Mom, the world needs to see this." Seeing your report has compelled me to donate.

i understand the need to dispose of bodies quickly, but can we at least take pictures of them for record. We can at least have a chance for families to identify loved ones and pay respect to the mass graves

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