January 8th, 2010
06:11 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 1/7/09

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, we received comments about our 'What's Next' guest, Michelle Rhee. Many of you were interested in what she had to say about the country's public school system. We also heard from some of you about security - both for the country and at the White House. What do you think? Let us know!


I am a 16 year old viewer, and tonight was the first time I was ever annoyed by the show. On the all too brief section discerning "better education" you destroyed any value in Rhee's argument. We need better schooling and what she had to say is very important, but the trivial "what three things can't you live without" question (I assume) left most viewers remembering not that year-round schooling is necessary, but that Rhee can't live without great food. I understand that you may have been told to ask this question and that this topic isn't exactly breaking news, but if our poor rankings educationally compared to other industrial countries is so shocking, then it needs to be headlined, not made lesser by irrelevant final statements! I write this not because I neglect advocating better education myself, but because you are currently in a better position then I to make the differences!

Regarding the continual rehashing of the "Panty Bomber" on every newscast all day, every day: is there no other news in the world? If I hear one more comment that everyone failed to "connect the dots" I can only suggest that perhaps they all need to go back to kindergarten and learn how to do that before they try to run a country.

why if everybody is been screen going thru security at the airport,the tsa staff is not, they enter with their purses, lunch boxes and backpacks thru the doors paxs are exiting security, this is not right, everybody have to be screen ,go to miami airport and stand in front of concourse E ,and you will see how they do it ,sorry i can/t say my name i work there and i don/t feel safe..thanks

You guys just don't get it, regarding the Salahis, they should be rewarded for entering the White House, (they did not crash in) they did the Secret Service a major favor by finding a weekness in their security system, in the security business we pay for this kind of service all the time. This will make the White House and the Secret Service much more effective in the future.

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