January 6th, 2010
06:05 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 1/5/10

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, we received comments about President Obama's press conference. We also got a lot of positive feedback about Anderson's interview with Dean Kamen, though many wish it had been the interview had been longer. (NOTE: The full interview is posted online).


Anderson watch your show almost every night. Also enjoy you on Regis. Different Anderson but fun. Anyway, what I wanted to express is the exaggeration of this story on the "almost bombing" on the plane. Why is everyone blaming Obama? Mistakes were made but mistakes were made during 9/11 and lives were lost. We actually taught the terrorist how to fly here in America at one of our air training schools and no background checks were made. Just three nonAmericans paying cash for flying lessons and no one checked. No blame was put on Bush and rightfully so....we have enemies and they are always there but to blame Obama is wrong.

Great interview with Dean Kamen ... I wish there was more time! There is so much to talk about! It's great to see the result of the Beat during the show! It's stimulant and exciting for bloggers! Please continue to do so and thank you!!

Please tell me that Kathy Griffin isn't banned from CNN. Kathy and Anderson (Kandy) were the best way to start the New Year. They were comedy gold.

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