January 5th, 2010
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Sound Off: Your comments 1/4/09

Editor's Note: We continued to receive comments from you about our annual New Year's Eve show in Times Square. Many of you also wrote in to weigh in on Dick Cheney's comments about how the Obama Administration is handling the war on terror. We also heard from many of you about the 'Christmas Miracle' story - where the mother and baby were thought to be dead but lived and are healthy now. Many of you also appreciated the breakdown of the footsteps of the Christmas bomber, shown at the Magic Wall.


In your story about Cheney claim that President Obama doesn't use the words "war on terror" you showed numerous videos of the President using the word "war," but never the words "war on terror." Cheney’s claim is not that the President claims that we are not at war, but that the President refuses to admit that we are engaged in a "war on terror."

Something stinks about the story of the mother and baby dying and coming back to life. The father said the doctors handed him the lifeless baby. There is no way in the world that if there was a problem, that any doctor would hand the baby to the father in that condition.

Regarding the mother and baby who died in labor. I worked as a Labor & Delivery Nurse for 11 years and cared for women with epidurals. I have watched numerous media reports and I wonder if the woman got a "high spinal", i.e. the epidural anesthesia pierced through the epidural sac and entered the spinal column. Given enough medication, this could paralyze the respiratory muscles, leading to respiratory arrest, followed by cardiac arrest. She truly was close to death, but life support sustained her vital organs until the resuscitation efforts reversed the anesthesia or it wore off.

Anderson, I just watched you break down the footsteps of the "crotch bomber" on the magic wall..It was superb! Thank you! You were the first to explain the steps that lead up to the Christmas Day attack with such detail.

Hey Anderson I am more concerned about the reason the man shot those people in Vegas. with each and every year our government keeps adding and adding new laws to the books that do not support the people and can even break a man if he is about to lose everything by no fault of his own. Our freedoms are a lot less than they were 20 years ago and how much pressure do they think the people will take.......especially if you are about to lose.. Everything. I to would not rule out retaliation if someone or some law takes everything I have worked for. I think you need to report this over how we need to protect the people that screw the people over all

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