December 28th, 2009
07:46 AM ET

Sound Off: Your Comments 12/25/09

Editor's Note: Over the holiday, many of you wrote in to let us know that you are still unsure about the health care bill, and you asked for clarification on the "human cost" along with the "pork" in the bill. Thanks were given for the CNN Heroes program, and many of you are looking forward to Kathy Griffin joining Anderson again on New Year's Eve.

Over the past several months of the health care debate, much focus has been placed upon the financial cost of health care reform, all of which is estimations, some of which is skewed significantly by those who wish to present a given story. I would like to suggest your organization begin a concerted effort to balance your reporting and begin including reports on the human cost, through news reporting about various people who were unable to get the health care that they needed, what the result of this lack of health care to them was, and how the people around them were affected.

I watched your CNN Heroes of 2009 last night. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and came to US for College in '78. I often wondered why Americans use "hero" to describe football, basketball players & Hollywood stars. Glad u brought back consciousness to this country!

Love your show. It keeps me informed of the important of the times. Here is something I would like to see. With this new health care bill recently passed I have heard many stories, some of the "pork" in the bill. How about a segment on all the pork and what it is costing the taxpayers to buy votes in congress.

After all of this fighting and bickering, three or four years from now, health-care will be right back the way it is now, with all of the invisible loopholes that has been worked into this bill. The lobbyists will pick it apart, and get their way over time. The pharmaceutical lobbyist came out smelling pretty good, the Federal Drug Administration, pretty powerful ally for the pharmaceutical lobbyists. With all of our modern technology there should have been a lot of cures by now.

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  1. Glendale

    If Carry-On Baggage is a potential problem, why not just eliminate it all together?

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