December 16th, 2009
07:10 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 12/15/09

Editor's Note: After last night's report on the danger of CT scans, many people wrote in for more information on the topic. Some of you also voiced your reaction to the interview with Joe Lieberman on health care reform. What do you think? Let us know.


Interesting piece on the CT scans. A doctor friend of mine told me many radiation problems are due to doctors using unusually high radiation levels to get clearer scans. He mentioned how standards of acceptable radiation are different in foreign countries, and when a doctor from overseas comes to the U.S., he may be used to working at less stringent standards. Is this true? Could you look into this? This seems seriously wrong, and it if it is true, then it could be particularly revealing. Please look into this.

Joe Lieberman: A Republican shill. The democrats need to get rid of him. Look at his history: nothing that's true to Demos–just wants the POWER. As for the Health Reform legislation–what field is his wife in? Duhh? Are you also lobbying, Joe? Be honest–become the Republican you ARE!!

How can you say that with earmarks down 15% some restraint is being shown by Congress or that the President can support some of those because they have a public purpose? The only public purpose, should be, as Evan Bayh suggested, a goal of reducing spending of the American public's money. It is unconscionable, irresponsible and ultimately unbearable for the representatives of the people of this country to have to support this kind of spending that is geared to currying favor with special interests for the purpose of getting reelected. We should fire everyone in office at the Federal and State level that does not get the picture and understand that this is not their money.

Your comment concerning earmarks was very appropriate. My only comment concerns IBS. The women in my wife's family all suffer from IBS. It is a very debilitating disease and appears to be hereditary. It affects her daughters, granddaughters and niece.
You know who started that "full body scan" craze? Oprah Winfrey did it. I hope she spends as much time covering the study of possible cancer risk as she did covering the so-called benefits of body scans. Plus, even if the radiation isn't dangerous, many times you get false readings from those CT scans. So, they're great for some things, but if there are alternative diagnostic procedures, they're probably more favorable ones, even if they're less convenient and more invasive.

When asked about the health care bill, Lieberman said he didn't read it, but was told it was bad. If Lieberman was told to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge would he? The flip Flopper Lieberman said in the past that he supports a Medicare buy-in for those in their 50's and strengthening public options that already work. No wonder Lieberman’s last name starts with lie.

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