December 10th, 2009
06:36 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 12/9/09

Editor's Note: After AC360° last night, we received comments from many of you about Sarah Palin, homegrown terrorists and the Polar Bear population. Let us know what you think.

Anderson – my wife and I watch you just about every night – you are a serious journalist, or so I believe – why, why, why, do you keep talking about Sarah Palin?? I know you can do better- -please tell me, do your bosses just tell you to talk about her? She is not worth your time and I turn off 360 whenever you get into the subject – to me she is a joke!!!

These terrorists Do Not Represent Islam, They Do Not Represent Muslims, They are Criminals Organized by Devils.

I saw Anderson's interview with a Moslem, sorry I forgot his name, who studies young jihadists and introduced the term jihad cool. Anyway, it was a good interview and Anderson asked some good questions. However, at one time the guest made an analogy that the jihad movement is a little like the civil rights movement in the sense that the kids today are taking a little more radical and militant approach than their parents to voice grievances of the larger Moslem community and he used the example of some of black radical groups following more moderate civil rights groups. I was no supporter of militant black radicals, but I would say the black community definitely had some real grievances that needed to be dealt with. What are that grievances of the Moslem community that need to be addressed? I would really like to know the answer to that question.

Jeff Corwin and his contact as OBJECTIVE views on the polar bear population...Is this the best journalism you can provide on the subject...ever thought of dividing the segment with OPPOSING views...GOOD GRIEF!

YOU should present a program on radicalism much like Christiane Amanpour did as there are many radicals within our country. Look at the skin heads and racists. Timothy McVey was definitely an American (terrorist) radical skin head. I think the man you had on tonight describing Islamic radicals would be a good place to start. You are a credible personality to whom people would consider and listen.

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