December 7th, 2009
06:43 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 12/4/09

Editor's Note: After Friday's AC360°, many of you sent in comments about the verdict in the Amanda Knox murder trial. Opinions were split about whether or not Knox is guilty. What do you think?

I think it is pathetic how we have been potraying Amanda Knox as an innocent beautiful American girl. What about the victim's family? What about their beautiful girl who was brutally murdered? I don't see an innocent girl here, she does not care, coming into the courtroom all American because we always have it our way. I even heard her parents say that the sec.of state was going to get involved. Really? I think as Americans we should be ashamed. This girl deserves life in prison without parole. Young peole have taken the meaning of fun to a whole new level including killing for pleasure. We have even deemed the Italian justice system as incompetent. It's time for America to respect other countries and let justice be served. Let us at least have some decency to acknowledge that Amanda is not the victim in this case.

Your coverage is excellent in trying to portray different sides of an issue, but you have totally failed to do so in the Amanda Knox case by not covering the "victim's side". It seems like you are criticizing the Italian legal system. Who are we to judge? no one really knows if she is guilty or not, but her original comments and behavior contributed to the verdict. Maybe justice was indeed served.

RE: your story on Amanda Knox. It never ceases to amaze me how willing you are to decide that trial in a European court is somehow inferior to that of an American court, European courts are as fair or more fair than the courts in this country. Quit defending Americans who are tried and convicted in European courts, simply because they are American. Amanda Knox was convicted based on evidence, If she had been tried and found guilty in a U.S. court, based on the same evidence, she probably would have been sentenced to life in prison. She and her family should consider it lucky that she only received 26 years.

I believe Amanda Knox has been convicted on bad evidence and a prosecutor trying to hide his own problems. I call on a boycott of Italy until justice is served.

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