December 3rd, 2009
05:39 PM ET

GOP congressman accuses White House of 'stonewalling' House committee

Congressman Peter King accuses the White House of 'stonewalling'

Congressman Peter King accuses the White House of 'stonewalling'


The ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee accused the White House of "stonewalling" Thursday by blocking its top social planner from testifying at a hearing on a security breach.

New York Rep. Peter King was angered by the administration's refusal to let Social Secretary Desiree Rogers speak at a hearing examining how a Virginia couple was able to enter the White House for a state dinner last week, even though they were not on the guest list.

Rogers' office planned the dinner.

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan testified Thursday that there was a lone agent at the initial checkpoint where Tareq and Michaele Salahi entered the White House grounds. He acknowledged that if someone from the social secretary's office had been there, the couple may have been stopped.

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