December 1st, 2009
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Sound Off: Your comments 11/30/09

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, we received many comments about on Tiger Woods, the Salahi’s (White House dinner crashers) and the interview with Judge Marion Humphrey about the parole of Maurice Clemmons, the alleged cop killer in Seattle. Some of you had mixed feelings about the comments from Judge Humphrey and thanks were heard for Jeffrey Toobin’s comments on Tiger Woods, saying it was just a simple accident with nothing to investigate. About the Salahi’s, the majority felt they should be congratulated for showing the flaws in security at the White House. What do you think?


Thank you CNN and Anderson Cooper for leading with a story about a dangerous murderer on the loose; as opposed to speculation about Tiger Woods' fender bender and "party crashers."

This story is much more important in my opinion, and I appreciate your letting us know where the perpetrator probably is. The public needs to know about this man, just in case.

The couple who attended the white house without invite should get a good service metal for exposing a weakness in the SS.

The two party crashers should get rewarded for their stunt and the Secret Service along with the President should thank them for uncovering a flaw in White House security. The weakest link has probably been eliminated by now.

Anderson; my president is sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan putting them in harm’s way and the media is worrying about Tiger Woods’ kinda makes one sick doesn’t it?

The judge's remarks (rationalization) about why he paroled (and later performed the marriage of) the alleged cop killer Maurice Clemmons were shocking. Why did he espouse his religious views (my belief in Our Lord, Jesus Christ) as his explanation for giving mercy? What happened to the separation of church and state? I'd hate to think he commuted his sentence because of Clemmons’ Christian beliefs, as told to Huckabee. Not prudent or responsible. What if the prisoner is Jewish or Muslim? And how proper is it for the judge to marry a prisoner?

I watched the show where the judge that released Clemmon, the alleged police murderer, talked about his decision to release that man. The judge stated he felt Clemmons should turn himself in because of the pain to his family. This was deeply distressing to me that his first comment was regarding this person’s family. What about the police officers families? I am married to an officer and I was a probation officer for 10 years. I have witnessed these types of mishaps in the criminal justice system on numerous occasions. I am disgusted that this judge admitted to having a soft spot for this man. Maybe it is time for him to step down from the bench if he truly cannot be objective. If it was his family being executed I believe his attitude would be quite different.

RE: Tiger Woods. Your legal analyst incorrectly repeated that the Florida police had no reason to "investigate" a fender bender. An investigation is actually very typical when there exists any possibility of unsafe or reckless driving, impaired driving, or any other foul play. They can't assume the non-existence of these. Rather, they must conclude this from an investigation, even if just a basic one.

I agree with you. I do not think Tiger has to make a statement to the public. What happened is none of anyone's business. People expect to know too much about the people they see on television.

The press should back way off from the Tiger Woods story – no crime – no story – let him have his privacy -this includes Christine Brennan who has kept up the pressure since day one – people shouldn't be fed gossip and innuendo all day long on cable TV – CNN – you can do better even if the others can't. Thank God for Jeffrey Toobin's voice of sanity and reason!

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