November 27th, 2009
07:14 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 11/25/09

Editor's Note: We heard from many of you after Wednesday night's AC360° about the couple that crashed the White House State Dinner. Some wondered what else the security may have missed, though others thought it was not a big deal. And many of you sent in Happy Thanksgiving wishes.
My comment is relevant to the issue: in terms of AC 360 : positive 5 Star subject; white House Intruders: first CNN clarified the confusion that this technically was not a State Dinner but that the White House could elevated it to whatever status. If the white House cannot protect itself, it is really scary what other breeches of security happen we never hear about daily and globally and most importantly to our troops. Very serious issue.

The Secret Service should have known the party intruders were bogus when their balloon landed on the White House lawn.

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all at CNN!

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