November 24th, 2009
09:55 PM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 11/24/09

Editor's Note: We received more feedback about the great job Erica did filling in for Anderson last night. Many also wrote in to let us know that they are looking forward to CNN Heroes on Thanksgiving night at 9PM. What about you?

Erica Hill is the female version of Anderson...she is really good and shares the same combination of seriousness and serendipity that Anderson conveys. I look forward to catching up on the day's news with both of you after I have cooked dinner and done the dishes....keep up the good work!

I am looking forward to watch the CNN Heroes on this Thanksgiving night. I wanted to share the extraordinary story about my true hero “my daughter”. My daughter is 5 years old and a child prodigy (doing her 5th grade) adopted and granted wishes at Make a Wish Foundation with her own income. She inspired us to adopt a school in rural India at the age of 3 years and also every year we contribute funds to various organizations including Eye foundation, Cancer Foundation and Homeless Shelters. She is our true hero who taught us that giving is divine!

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