November 24th, 2009
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Sound Off: Your comments 11/23/09

Editor's Note: Many of you wrote in to tell us how much you enjoyed Erica filling in for Anderson last night. We're also still hearing from people about the “Killings in the Canal” investigation.  Many of you thanked us for the “Keeping them honest” segment about the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. What do you think? Let us know!


I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for giving Erica Hill the fill-in slot when Anderson Cooper has to be away. I think that she is a top-notch anchor and she is my favorite person to fill-in. Her interview with Madeleine Albright several months ago and her discussion panel tonight involving Gloria Steinem were fantastic. I would really like to see her become Mr. Cooper's permanent substitute. She is more than capable of taking the lead; she is outstanding. She's not only a terrific reporter and anchor; she knows the format and style of the show better than everybody else because she is a part of it every evening. I can't think of anybody better suited to fill in, even though I do enjoy the other anchors. Let's see more of Erica Hill!

Thank you for your story on "Battlefield Justice". As a Vietnam veteran, I deeply feel that Sargeants Hately, Mayo, and Lahey should be pardoned. Technically they are guilty, but under the circumstances, considering the stress and frustration they are under, they need compassion and forgiveness. They were convicted by the commanding officers who had to be politically correct. After serving three terms in Iraq, and watching his commanding officer's revolving door of releasing prisoners, frustration has to build, No wonder he took justice into his own hands, he had to be tired of putting his life on the line capturing enemies , only to see them released to shoot at him again. How can you do your job under these circumstances? Why should he put his life on the line every day?

A big shout out and kudos to Erica Hill this evening for doing such a GREAT job anchoring the show, proving that she is not just an attractive co-host, but a fully competent anchor in her own right. Bravo Erica!!!

I am a survivor from 9/11 (attack from the Pentagon). I am a fan of the Anderson Cooper 360. Only when I take the time to watch TV. CNN is my source for all things news worthy. My fav is the "Keeping them Honest" segment. What a bold move. I appreciate the discussion on the upcoming terrorist trials. These trials need to take place. I believe this is a step in the right direction. These men need to be brought to justice. However, more needs to be done. And what are we saying when we only try these few? Millions upon millions of dollars are poured into our defense. Are we saying these 6 men thwarted our entire governmental systems?? If so, we need to be less concerned about if they will put on a show or not in the courtroom. And more concerned about have we really made substantial improvements since 9/11.

Carly Fiorina misinformed your viewers about the breast-cancer recommendations. Not only do they not say "don't have mammograms" or "don't do breast self-exams" under 50, but they actually say women should be familiar with how their breasts feel and see a doctor if there's a change - to get a mammogram. For her to suggest that they advise women who find lumps to do nothing is absurd and scurrilous. (And by the way, please try for better balance in these discussions: Bernadine Healy is a doctor but also a pretty partisan Republican who's prominently opposed the Democrats' reform efforts.)

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