November 23rd, 2009
08:10 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 11/20/09

Editor's Note: Most of the feedback we received after Friday's AC360° was about the “Killings at the Canal” investigation. Most of you wrote in to say that you believe the killings were justified and that the soldiers should not be charged for them. Still, others disagreed. What do you think? Any more feedback about this special investigation?


I think this is sickening the way our soldiers are being treated! This war. During the Vietnam, Korean or ww2 did Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Italy or Germany treat any of their prisoners or detainees the way we do. No they just shot them or tortured them. Wake up America this is a war of the worst kind, terrorism. There is no need for proof of act for terrorists, insurgents or detainees in war. More and more of our soldiers are being killed do to our rules of law; it does not apply in war! We are pathetic. We need to wake up

I cannot believe the system wants to punish the 4 soldiers of the canal. DO THEY NOT REMEMBER 911. Do they think the prisoners would let us go? I don't think so. Have some compassion for the soldiers THE GOVERNMENT SENDS OVER THERE. They do not choose to do this. They have families they would rather be with. Talk about STRESS. Let the ones that are judging take their place and see what they would do.

I don’t understand why the army is trying our guys. Either it’s a war or it isn’t – war means killing – don’t tell our guys to do their job then send them to jail for doing it!

Killings at the canal triggers such murders that we experience at fort hood tx. STOP THEM FOR OUR SOLDER SAFTY–PLEASE

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