November 18th, 2009
10:23 PM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 11/18/09

Editor's Note: Most of the feedback we received last night focused on the “Killing at the Canal” segment. Many feel that the killings were justified and the interrogation was leading SGT. Michael Leahy to say he did it. On the Wal-Mart segment, viewers ask why Heather Ellis hasn’t asked to see the video surveillance from inside the store at the checkout. What do you think>?


The killing at the canal.. Listen Military Justice System is 250 yrs old and never updated. What these guys did wasn’t murder. it’s not like they grabbed some civ and woman and raped and beat them.. This is a different situation and the CID are not good interrogators and should not of pushed this.. They also should not of served any time they at min if the army felt it was bad just discharged them under general discharge.. I went through military courts and they are a Joke.. Think about the civ case of the kid who had a few hits of acid at a grateful dead concert and got life.. Make zero sense.

AC, the interrogation tape sounded like the interrogator was leading him to come to a conclusion he, the interrogator wanted which is a confession and an admission of guilt. On a separate note, I feel for these soldiers. They are being fired at and being killed by an enemy who doesn't fear to face a criminal conviction....I give these guys a break!!!!

The Battlefield Justice story is one long overdue. No one should judge what they did unless they have experienced war. For these men to get life prison sentences for killing people who were trying to kill them and would keep trying to kill them is ridiculous. I vote that the Army send all jag officers to the front lines of an infantry platoon before they can try their first case. A little perspective would help them before they throw our soldiers under the bus or worse, withhold evidence like the prosecutors did in the case of Lt. Michael Behenna (www.defendmichael.com.)

"Battlefield Justice or murder" is a very strange question. It seems to me that the phrase "battlefield justice" usually MEANS murder. Whatever it means, there is no justice in the killing of helpless prisoners.

Regarding the "Killing at the Canal" the combat forces in the Army and Marines are trained to kill That is the mission of "armed" forces` Citizens in the comfort of their homes cannot reckin this but live in a combat area for any period of time and you will not reason like you do in your own house "Walk a mile in their boots" then tell me they are cold blooded murderers and that the "brass: is as usual innocent and unknowing.

Did we send them over there to have a tea party? Or fight a war – which means killing, bombing, setting road bombs etc. So, what on earth did they do wrong???? Nothing !!!

Regarding the Ellis case, every Walmart in the country has surveillance cameras, why hasn't Ms Ellis requested a copy of the tape? The possibility of 15 years in jail for allegedly cutting in a checkout line is ridiculous.

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  1. Jean Treat

    Anderson, The Republican's like Rush Limbaugh and the like, when they refute health care and refuse to vote for it makes me think (like this). Republican;s are so unkind to portray Obama to a Nazi with a mustashe and the like, and this is so nasty when Hitler used people for ginnie pigs by operating on their bodies taking limbs off and blinding eyes with dye. That is not Obama. Yet, the Repulbicans can be compared to the Nazi's because people that cannot afford insurance and die from health conditions because they can't afford the premiums and they are deprived of a program that would help them be able to go to a doctor and get care. This is because the Republicans refuse to pass a bill that would give them the tools to get the health benifit care they need to rid them of cancer, and heart problems, and the like, Just because they want the big insurance companies to help them at campaigning time with big dollars and done't want the premiums to go down. They want us to have to pay big bucks for health care. This is shameful!.


    November 19, 2009 at 10:23 am |
  2. Marcia Wood

    Surely another way to look at the Canal tragedy is to ask ourselves if we would we want our sons and soldiers slaughtered at gunpoint. There are rules of war and these Sergeants chose not to follow the US military rules. Do we want our society to foster such behavior? Their punishment is justified.

    November 19, 2009 at 10:07 am |