November 6th, 2009
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Sound Off: Your comments 11/5/09

Editor's Note: We received a lot of mixed opinions on the tragic events at Ft. Hood yesterday. Some viewers complained, saying that there was a lot of speculation heard about the guns used. Overall, thanks were heard for excellent reporting on the shootings, especially for Randi Kaye’s piece on the background of the suspect.


In the coverage of the Ft Hood shooter, Randi Kaye was the first reporter to give relevant information about him–basics like his nationality, ethnic heritage, personal history, previous brushes with authorities, etc. He was much less a mystery to me after her piece. Others were still repeating the same basic facts and detailing all that they DIDN'T know. She got the information and clearly had it in mind, as she did not refer to notes while Anderson questioned her. Great work!

I was shocked that the military did not pick up the oblivious signs of stress the shooter at Fort Hood had displayed, were they too busy enforcing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, kicking good soldiers out of the military

Hi I am a former soldier and a soldier’s wife here at Fort Hood. The events here today have really rocked our community. There is a lot that needs to be said from a voice that is here going through this. For starter the opening of the President’s speech truly have outraged me as well as many others around me. To open with a "shout out" truly belittled the situation. Our community endures a lot on a daily basis but for it to be happening her in our own backyard is a horror like no other. At this time we ask for the thoughts of the nation.

CNN'S coverage of FT.HOOD Excellent! My thought is how did ONE SOLDIER with 2 Hand Guns as reported, kill 11 other's and wound another 31?? It seems to me that is a lot of damage for one gunman and 2 hand guns to cause! Is there something missing from the story? I am sure more will develop in time, but i have a hard time seeing how this happened. GOD BLESS the SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES!!

Hour after hour of breathless 'Breaking News' about Ft Hood shooting, most of which is pure speculation so far....is getting tiring. Most important – it's obvious your people do not know the definition of a semi-automatic firearm. Essentially ALL pistols are semi-automatic as opposed to a revolver, however their rate of fire is only as fast a a shooter can pull the trigger for EACH SHOT. Don't mislead the public into thinking the shooter had a FULL automatic weapon, like a machine gun.

Please get rid of the moving background behind your head. It is offensive to be watching you report about the murders at Ft. Hood with the repetitive movement of solders running into battle with a yellow and red swirl around them. How about something respectful like a nice green background, you know, politically neutral. Something that isn't moving all the time.

When broadcasting the home video submitted by the wife of a soldier, there were too many banners across the screen to even see what you wanted us to see. I understand the importance of the banners but it seems like they could be temporarily removed for such a brief moment in order for the viewer to see everything.

Anderson, as a Muslim I appreciate that you know to probe about whether Major Hasan prays 5 times a day. I would like to add that praying 5 times a day is the STANDARD for Muslims. It would not be an indication of extremism.

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