November 5th, 2009
06:05 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 11/5/09

Editor's Note: Many of you wrote in with comments about Liz Cheney last night. Overall, the majority of you thought the conversation was  a spirited debate. On the Phillip Garrido case, viewers felt that while the tracking device did fail, it was people and not technology (as Jeffrey Toobin said) that failed Jaycee Dugard.


Anderson- You were + are Absolutely Superb Tonight, Like Always, when You Managed to Keep Your "KOOL" with that "Flame-Thrower" Liz Cheney. I think Liz Alone is the Most Dangerous Weapon the CONSERVATIVES Have In Their Arsenal if They Would Use Her. Maybe They're Keeping Her for Later? Liz Alone Could Win a Lot of People if She Didn't Coil Up Like a Poisonous Snake on the Attack, when Making Her Point. She's Very Sharp, Too Sharp for Her Own Good!

I just watched Anderson Cooper 360 and was SHOCKED at guest Mr. Tobin sp.? Say that "technology failed in the Jaycee Duggan case" I cannot believe anyone could blame technology when this child was not protected by the courts, the jails and then the probation officers! This is not technology failing this is human incompetence at every level! Thank you for "keeping them honest” Anderson even if the guests are too stupid to know what failed in the case they were commenting on.

I have just watched your interview with Liz Cheney and I thought it was great. You have shown that CNN allows you to have an honest interview with your guests. That is something that has been lacking at CNN for a long time. . Most of the time CNN is selective of its news reporting when it come to republicans. You are always tilted to the Democrats. Only when you give more time to spirited debates like the one with Liz Cheney will you get the prestige back that CNN once had. Maybe because it was with a Republican that you were allowed to have a spirited debate. When a democrat is been interviewed you and others appear to be walking on egg shells for fear you may hurt someone’s feelings.

If you insist on having Liz Cheney on (what are her qualifications again?), you could at least not let her keep spouting her endless stream of disinformation: for instance, not only have nobody's taxes been raised during the recession, but most people's have been cut. Please, please remember that when you interview such people you really need to be prepared to do a lot of fact-checking…

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