October 13th, 2009
06:38 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 10/12/09

Editor's Note: After last night's AC360°, many of you said that we gave a “fair account” of the feud between FOX News and the White House. Others were disappointed that we gave airtime to both FOX and Rush Limbaugh. What do you think? Let us know!
I really hope Obama & Co. maintain their obstinate feud with FOX – hopefully it will prove that most expedient method in the Dems losing their grip on power and allow for a safer world to evolve.

Fox news and all the rhetoric from the extreme right does nothing for the betterment of this country. It only serves as a distraction that further divides us as a people. The question is WHY? Let's can the anger and get behind our President and this country.

Have Republican friends that I love dearly but they watch FOX ! You haven't picked up on that reality yet? The White House communications has! Not jumping into this fuss and pick your battles but it is what it is. Ha ! Ya gotta love the straight forward tell it like it is of this administration. Who, what, when, where and why? CNN! Search for truth!

I disagree with two of your panelists on the show concerning Fox News. The White House was correct in calling out Fox. Fox news hosts are liars and often do not tell the truth. It is okay to disagree, but what they are doing is dangerous. They encourage supporters to carry guns at rallies and this can have dangerous consequences and endanger the life of the President. This network is unethical and hosts rant and rave all the time. The White House will almost certainly never receive a vote from viewers of fox news. The commentator from fox news lied when she stated that her network has more viewers than cnn and msnbc combined.

I'm a fan of the show but can't understand why you would do stories on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. Why give them the time?

You gave a fair account of and coverage of the White House's Anita Dunn's shunning of FOX News....they need to get on with governing the nation as DG stated......they need to understand this offends many Independent voters....it makes them look silly and unbalanced.

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