October 12th, 2009
06:38 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 10/9/09

Editor's Note: After Friday night's AC360° many of you sent us comments about President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. Many of you said you feel that American’s should be proud that our President received it. On the gun show sting segment, viewers asked that more be said about “the incidence of violent crimes committed with guns” in cities that have banned them. What do you think?

Aren't Americans proud that a fellow American has been chosen for the Nobel Peace Prize?

I think the negative reaction from some towards Obama being awarded the Nobel Prize is an embarrassment for America that takes away from the positive. I am pleased when our image is enhanced and would be whoever got the award even if it was Bush.

President Obama’s Peace Prize makes us feel proud be Americans again.

President Obama deserves the Noble Peace Prize and Congrats to the President. Those who are against the President getting the Noble Peace Prize are showing that racism is still happening in the world.

Congratulations to President Obama as the recipient of the Nobel Peace prize. Bush brought us only war; given a chance, Obama will bring us peace. Best wishes to you, Mr. President!

Are you Kidding me! Obama is in office less than ten months and he wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Even common sense tells you that this is a piece if skewered political B.S,

In your reporting on the "gun show loophole," you should also include the fact that the Dep't. Of Justice did a study and found that .7% (that's seven tenths of one percent) of guns used in crimes were acquired at a gun show. You should also report what has happened to the frequency of gun crimes where cities have banned them, in the period of time since the ban was enacted. In every single incident, the incidence of violent crimes committed with guns has skyrocketed.

I think all this hubbub about is Obama worthy is disrespectful not only to our President, but to the Nobel Prize Selection Committee (thus all those chose in the past)

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