October 5th, 2009
05:30 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments

Editor's Note: Many of you weighed in with comments on David Letterman after Friday night's AC360°. The majority commended him for “fessing up” to his affairs. Many of you were not surprised that Chicago did not get the 2016 Olympics bid, viewers were not surprised and believed that the violence in Chicago was one of the reason the city was not selected. What do you think? Let us know!

I commend Mr. Letterman for going ahead and addressing the issue with honesty. He is human and I respect him for admitting his "sin" publicly, rather than putting us through the guessing game like Clinton, Edwards, Jackson, and the other high profile men who lie for weeks and months about their promiscuity, and then we find out that the allegations are true. Shame on Letterman for being a man and cheating, but good for him for being a man and "fessing up". He can and will be forgiven....

Dave Lettermen is great at deflecting cheating on his wife to say the story is really about extortion. Wonder if Sarah Palin, one of his favorite targets is having a good day.

HI, my question is this: Why does no one ask how Mr. Haldeman, the accused extortionist in the Letterman case, managed to get past at least some level of security around Dave Letterman's car, then managed to get into it, in order to leave the alleged package and blackmail letter? Letterman is too well off and too familiar with stalker and kidnap issues in his life not to at least have a well-locked car. Where was it parked that the container with "stuff" in it was so easily put in the back seat? It seems a bit contrived and therefore raises my suspicion about the whole alleged situation. It sounds like a setup, quite frankly. Do ask this question for me at some point!

I know that crime is a problem all over. But I Really believe that the crime in Chicago was a Factor. Especially since the continual airing of this last incident where the young Honor Student got beat to death...( Which Believe me..They saw)...They may not admit , that it was part of their decision. But I had been concern that it would be. And Obama's lack of response to it, did not help. I am so sorry that it didn't work out.

I find it hard to believe that everyone is so surprised that Chicago didn't get to host the Olympics. Everyday there are news stories about children being slaughtered on the streets of Chicago. Would you pick Chicago?

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