October 2nd, 2009
05:40 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 10/10/09

Editor's Note: Thursday night’s AC360° viewer comments primarily focused on the snitching segment and David Letterman’s confession to his audience regarding sexual relations with members of his staff. Many of you understood why children are choosing not to snitch, citing safety as the main concern. Take a look at some of what we heard, and then sound off:


Don't snitch? They have abandoned society because society has abandoned them. This is the quid pro quo that has governed human interaction from the start. As Mr. Perry said, "Children will walk through fire...", but there has to be a destination on the other side of the fire.

Not snitching is about power. In the street snitching will get you killed, or hurt. But the reality is snitching won't stop crime. So why snitch? As a person living in the inner city, who would you rather have power? Your friends, people that make sure you don't get robbed walking to the corner store, or cops (strangers)?

Someone (like Letterman) has sex and Lisa Bloom's already screaming sexual harassment. Grown women can decide to have sex with the boss and really it's nobody's business.

Anderson tried to keep the focus on the Letterman case and not where Bloom took it to. She tried to take this to a place where there are no facts at this point in time. The only one I'm shocked at on this segment is Lisa Bloom.

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